Prime 5 Intel

An Incredible Collaboration of Mysteries from THE PRIME 5 AUTHORS–including New York Times and Amazon Bestselling Authors


LUV, LILA by Michael Hiebert (Award-winning Author) About… Michael Hiebert… You may not know this but Michael Hiebert… likes to call other authors at 2 in the morning and tell them they just got a major film deal on their latest novel. Read Michael’s bio here.

Mary Ann Schradi-AuthorShot

THE “IT” GIRL by Mimzi Schradi (Introducing an amazing new talent) About… Mimzi Schradi… You may not know this but Mimzi Schradi… loves East Coast humor and New York Cheesecake (Which she can now make!). Read Mimzi’s bio here.


COMING CLEAN by Terry Persun (Amazon Bestseller) About… Terry Persun… You may not know this but Terry Persun… likes snakes and spiders. Read Terry’s bio here.


NUMBERS GAME by Susan Wingate (Amazon Bestseller) About… Susan Wingate… You may not know this but Susan Wingate… feeds raccoon and a herd of deer, loves gourmet cooking and she’s taking singing lessons. Read Susan’s bio here.


ASSASSIN’S AGENDA by Jeff Ayers (New York Times Bestseller) About… Jeff Ayers… You may not know this but Jeff Ayers… can read a full-length novel in three hours. Read Jeff’s bio here.


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