About Detective Ink

Detective Ink was born from a longing to write with other authors. Each author in this first collaboration had a similar hope to work with like-minded mystery and/or thriller authors.

After envisioning the New York City setting and workplace called Detective Ink–a Private Investigation firm, each author has become one of the employee detectives there. For instance, Susan Wingate’s background is in accounting and therefore, her character Jamee Patterson is a forensics accountant. Terry Persun’s background is in engineering and likewise, his character Fred, the janitor was an engineer in the air force. Each author brings his or her own special background into each story which makes for a very personal read and, possibly, a peek into the author’s character. All the while muddying facts (or not) through these fictional tales.

***Only the authors know what’s true and what’s not***

Oh, a note on these characters working at Detective Ink–each has a sordid past in one fashion or another. A secret they are trying desperately to conceal.

The authors for this first installment of DETECTIVE INK are:

Interesting Insight About Each Author


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